#2688 Earth Palette Cotton Dye Kit

This kit is for dyeing cellulose fibers such as cotton, linen, bamboo, rayon, tencel, and paper.

The dye solution may be applied by hand painting methods, resist techniques, ikat, dip-dyeing etc.
The dye solutions may also be thickened if required.
After applying the dye solutions, the dyed article is wrapped in plastic and left for 8 – 24 hours at room temperature until the dye is fixed.

The Kit Includes:

6 x 20gm dye (Red, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Violet, Black)
200gm Soda Ash
400gm Urea
50gm Alginate Thickener
Colour Chart

This Kit contains enough Cotton Reactive Dye to dye approximatley 3kgs of cotton fibre/fabric or yarn if made up at full strength.