Handmade Soaps and Hand Balm

Its been a long time since I've blogged on here, so I'm sure you are all surprised to see a new blog post!!

We have been making our own soaps and Hand Balms for a quite while now just for personal and family use, but  have decided to add them to the Moseley Park Store for all our customers.

The Handbalm is just wonderful and makes my hand feel pretty good after I've been dyeing yarn and fibre during the day.

I seem to be forever washing my hands on the farm after being out feeding or working with animals.

Our soap is mostly unscented and we use all natural oils and fats to make it, without all the added chemicals that dry, and irritate your skin.
We have managed to find a source of fresh Goats Milk to use in a lot of our soaps as well as some beautiful beeswax straight from the local beekeeper.
We also use local Tallow in some of our soaps as it makes a very mild, creamy soap.
Tallow is a very wasted resource and is basically a waste product from butchering. It's good to be able to use it to make such beautful products!! Try it, you wont regret it!!

We have lots of other new things being tested as well, but I cant give away any details just yet!!

Cheers, Jane

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