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Once again we have the Moseley Park Fibre Club available. 
The Fibre Club will run for three months over  June/July/ August 2017.

Total cost for this club will be AU$99.

Because the store automatically adds the postage to items, the third lot of postage will be added as you go through Checkout to make a total of $99.

Each month you will receive a fabulous 100gms of Fibre handdyed especially for the Fibre Club, these colourways will not be available on my store and are exclusive to the Fibre Club members.

The fibre will be hadndyed and in a different form each moth, and may include tops, batts, or even washed and dyed fleece.

Signups close for this club on Friday the 26th May.

The Fibre Club parcels will be posted out on the 15th of each month in a prepaid satchel.

If you decide to order a a double lot of the Fibre Club, the extra postage wll be refunded, and they will be sent together in the same satchel.

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