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My soap journey started when I couldn't find mild, unscented soaps for my family to use as we all had sensitive skin and lots of allergies. I decided to make them myself so I had full control over the ingredients in each soap, and am very happy with our range of Simple Soaps for Sensitive Skin.
Our soaps are made with all natural Oils, Butters and Ingredients, without the chemical additives.
We use a lot of food grade items, like cocoa, coffee, turmeric, paprika, parsley and saffron to colour our soaps, as well as plant materials like indigo, madder, activated charcoal as well as natural coloured clays.
All our soaps are handmade using the Cold Processed method, to give a beautiful, mild soap and each soap has been cured for several months to ensure it is at its best before we offer it for sale.
We try and use locally available supplies wherever possible, which is why we use Beef and Sheep Tallow in some of our soaps. It is a sustainable resource that is usually disposed of instead of being utilised, and is available locally from grass fed animals. 
We buy beeswax from a local beekeeper for our soaps, and fresh goats milk for our goat milk soaps.